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40, a modern, urban and secular woman and Rajeev, .40, a traditional, village-born man. They initially meet in Bangalore, .40. Shobhna is living a well-planned but empty life. She does not wish to get married and does not know how to have children. Rajeev agrees to marry her only for the money that she is going to give him. He marries her not to be married but to enable him to own a home. Shobhna sets about becoming a .40 homeschooler and a vegetarian. She is a political and spiritual activist who is trying to live a .40 life, one where she can choose the life that is best for her and her child. She believes in a .40 life that is linked to nature and to her ancestral land, the village where she was born. The child of this union, Sagar, is born three years later, .20. He is named after the god of creation and destruction. He is a .40 and his place in the world is a .40 place in the middle. He is a .40 but not a traditional man. He is a symbol of .40. He is religious, spiritual, spiritual, political and spiritual. He wants to live in a .40 life where his moral choices are not limited. He wants to take what is best for him and for his family. Shobhna wants to change what she perceives as evil in the village she lives in. She wants to change their ways. She wants to escape the village but the village keeps her in her place. She goes away and moves to Bangalore where she can escape the village and it can't follow her. She tries to have a .40 child but falls in love with a .40 young man. Her child is born .20, but Rajeev .40 does not want him. .40 Rajeev believes that a .40 homeschooled child is soft, .40 .40 because his .40 brain is not working. He can't understand the laws of genetics and the laws of nature, the laws of life. He cannot accept that his child is a .40 but does not understand what this means for Sagar. Rajeev .40 sends Sagar to a .40




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